Visual Assignments Summary

This week we spent time learning about telling stories using photographs. I really enjoyed this unit, as I’ve never tried much photography before. The first assignment this week, the Tips and Tricks assignment, was a great way to start this unit. It really taught me a lot about photography. The tips listed were simple ways to greatly improve my photography. I think these will really help while in Iceland. This activity taught me that there are so many different ways to take what could be considered a good photograph, it all just depends on what you are trying to capture.

The second assignment I completed this week was the 15 minute photoblitz. This was such a fun and different activity. I completed this in my apartment, so it really taught me that there can be a story behind everything. When I was doing this assignment, I was forced to start looking at things that I see everyday a little bit differently. There can be meaning and story behind everything. This is something to keep in mind as we travel to Iceland.

The last activity for the week was the visual digital bank assignments. I completed the StoryMap, Yam Yarn, and Earth visual assignments. These were very different ways to think about visually representing something. I also enjoyed relating these to Iceland. It was fun to do some research on the trip and the places we will be traveling to!

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