The Yam-chasing Adventures of Rex the Dinosaur in Iceland

The Yam-chasing Adventures of Rex the Dinosaur in Iceland

In the Iceland, there lived a dinosaur named Rex. Rex wasn’t like other dinosaurs; instead of roaring and stomping around, he loved to play with yams. It all started when Rex accidentally stumbled upon a yam while exploring the capital city of Reykjavik. From that moment on, Rex couldn’t resist the temptation of chasing yams wherever he could.

One morning, while Rex was enjoying a stroll through the snowy plains, a yam caught Rex’s eye. Without hesitation, Rex began to chase after it. The yam, sensing the dinosaur’s pursuit, rolled faster and faster, leading Rex on a wild chase through glaciers and valleys. They went past the GoĆ°afoss Waterfall and through the town of Arnarstapi. It was a quite a sight, the dinosaur clumsily chasing after a yam.

As the sun started to set, Rex finally caught the yam. Panting with exhaustion, Rex gently picked up the yam with his mouth and began to eat it. Rex went back home, ready for another exciting adventure tomorrow. Amidst the icy beauty of Iceland, Rex enjoyed his great day spent with the yam.

DS 106 Assignment Bank- Yam Yarn

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