Video Assignments Summary

This week we spent time learning about different aspects of telling stories through video. The first assignment this week, Reading Movies, allowed me to gain new insight about movies and the storytelling that goes on behind the scenes. This was a good start to the week, as the next assignment built upon the techniques we learned as a part of this assignment. For this assignment, we got to watch videos with clips from different films and reflect on the use of various video techniques, such a zoom and the angles created with the camera. It was interesting to learn about the techniques that are often used in the films we watch.

The second assignment for this week was Look, Listen, Analyze. I really enjoyed this assignment. After we learned about the techniques often used in videos, this was our chance to really see them in action. I watch a clip from the ending of Jaws. This was a clip I had seen before, but this assignment allowed me the opportunity to view this in a whole new light. I also liked the way this assignment also tied together the audio aspects we discussed earlier in the semester. I really got to recognize how audio and video components go hand in hand when telling a story.

The third and final assignment for the week was to complete two assignments from the DS 106 assignment bank, Where do you want to go? and What do you do?. I enjoy the assignments we do from the 106 assignment bank. I like the opportunity we have do really do some creative assignments when we do these. We really get the chance to think about the value of video when creating a digital story when we complete these assignments. The biggest take away for me from this video storytelling unit is how powerful it can be when it is done in an effective manner.

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