Look, Listen, Analyze

This assignment is to watch a clip from a movie 3 separate times. The first time without audio, the second time without video, and the third time with both audio and video. I watched the ending scene from the movie, Jaws.

  1. This time I watched the clip without any sound, just the video. The first thing I noticed during the scene is at the beginning the man is seen from below, indicating that from below filming was used. I found this effective because it made it seem like the man was seen from the perspective of the shark. This was discussed in Ebert’s article. He talked about the use of sharp and tilt angles, I noticed the use of tilt angles as the boat began to sink. There was also a lot of different zooming in and out, which placed emphasis on different aspects of the scenes. I thought there was a lot of zooming into the shark, which placed an emphasis on the shark and the movements of the shark.
  2. This time I watched the clip without the video, only the sound. The biggest thing I noticed was the use of music and audio. This was used to create suspense for the viewers, especially at the beginning of this scene. There was increases in volume and tempo of the sound, which is used to increase suspense for the viewers.
  3. This time I watched the clip with both the video and the audio components of the scene. After thinking about the audio and visual aspects separately, it was interesting to see them together again. I liked the use to different camera angles, while playing suspenseful music during the course of the scene. I felt like the audio and visual components come together very well to create a suspenseful, but enjoyable experience for the viewers.

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