Reading Movies

For this assignment, we watched videos that highlighted different techniques that are often used with video. The first video I watch contained different clips from the movie, “The Shining.” I have never seen this movie before, but this video highlighted how zoom is used in the movie. This video highlighted different scenes that used zooming in and zooming out. Zoom places emphasis on different parts of the scene and it was also used in this movie to build tension, while increasing suspense. This really demonstrates how effective zoom can be when it is used correctly.

The second video I watched was of clips from various Kubrick movies. This demonstrates the technique of one-point perspective. As a viewer, this was not something I had ever picked up on in a movie. These clips show how this technique provides viewers with a clear focal point that the film maker wants them to focus on during the scene. It can be used to place emphasis on parts of the scene that should be important to the viewers. I also found the scenes visually appealing because of the sense of balance created by this technique.

The third video I watched was of clips from various Tarantino movies. This demonstrated the technique of filming from below the characters. This is done by filming with the camera at a lower height than the actors are actually located. As a viewer, I felt like I was really in the scene with the characters actually looking down at me. I found this technique to be very effective as a viewer. It was used in a variety of different scenes in this video. I also watched this video right after watching the video that demonstrated the one-point perspective, which made this technique even more interesting.

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