Audio Assignments Summary

This week we spent time learning about different aspects of audio storytelling. This unit was a challenge for me, as I had never done anything relating to audio storytelling and everything was new to me. The first assignment this week, About Audio Storytelling, allowed me to gain more insight into audio storytelling and the techniques that are often used. This was a good assignment to start the week. I really enjoyed hearing more about the differences between written storytelling and audio storytelling because I know so much more about written storytelling than I did about audio storytelling. I felt like I gained more knowledge about the art of audio storytelling and gained more of an appreciation for it as a way to tell stories.

The second assignment this week was Listening to Stories. This assignment was really fun. After learning about audio storytelling in the first assignment of the week, this assignment allowed me to really see the audio storytelling techniques first hand. I listened to a podcast episode and this was the first time I had ever listened to a podcast. I actually enjoyed it much more than I expected to. I recognized the power of audio storytelling and the impact sounds and narration can have on a story as a whole, as well as on the listener.

The third activity for this week was to complete 3 assignments from the audio digital assignment bank. I completed the Breaking News, All the Relaxation, and Spooky Season assignments. I enjoy completing the DS 106 Assignment Bank assignments. These assignments allow you to be creative while applying the various concepts you have learned throughout the week. This week I enjoying being able to try my hand at audio stories. I got the chance to create an audio aspect to go with stories this week. These assignments also allow me to do more research for our upcoming trip to Iceland! My biggest takeaway from this week is that audio storytelling can be super powerful when it is done correctly and efficiently.

Week 6 Daily Creates

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