Finding Peace in Iceland

In the land of ice and fire called Iceland, there was a girl named Freya. Freya had trouble falling asleep at night because the sun stayed up for so long during the summer. It seemed like the sun never wanted to go to bed, and neither did Freya. She tossed and turned in her bed, wishing she could just close her eyes and drift off into dreamland.

One night, as Freya lay wide awake in her cozy bed, she remembered something her grandfather had told her. He said that when he couldn’t sleep, he would listen to the calming noises of nature outside his window. So, Freya decided to give it a try. She opened her window and listened carefully.

As Freya listened to these peaceful sounds, she felt her body begin to relax. The worries and thoughts that had been racing through her mind slowly faded away, replaced by a sense of calmness and tranquility. Before she knew it, Freya’s eyelids grew heavy, and she drifted off into a peaceful sleep, lulled by the beautiful symphony of nature outside her window. From that night on, whenever Freya had trouble sleeping, she knew just what to do – she would listen to the calming noises of Iceland’s natural wonders, and they would lull her into a peaceful slumber once again.

DS 106 Assignment Bank- All the Relaxation

Published by Kaylie Curran

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